Monograde engine oils

Aceites de motor monogrado
CONDAT has a range of monograde engine oils to lubricate all engines that require this type of oil.


CONDAT has formulated a range of monograde oils named VICAM SPECIAL, to lubricate diesel engines, turbocharged or not and operating under normal conditions using low-sulphur diesel.

Monograde or multigrade oil?

Monograde oils are defined according to their cold viscosity (for example, VICAM SPECIAL SAE 10W) or their hot viscosity (VICAM SPECIAL SAE 40). There are special monograde oils for either hot or cold applications, in contrast to multigrade oils which are suited to both hot and cold operation.


CONDAT monograde oils can be used to lubricate engines, and also mechanical transmissions, hydrokinetic transmissions, or hydrostatic transmissions. Depending on their grade, VICAM SPECIAL monograde oils can be used either at high or at low temperature.

Product benefits

  • Excellent detergent-dispersion level
  • High thermal stability
  • Excellent resistance to oxidation: allows engines to be kept in a very clean state
  • High anti-wear and extreme pressure qualities, protecting transmissions from wear and pitting

Product benefits

The choice of an engine oil may seem trivial, but the wrong choice can have severe repercussions for the engine of your vehicle! To optimise its performance, increase the service life of your lubricant or prolong the lifetime of your engine, CONDAT can assist you.

We have a team of competent technical engineers who can help you with the choice of the most suitable automotive lubricant, in its implementation (oil change, oil maintenance, conversion to biodegradable oil...) as well as in its daily use.

Our technical experts are available to advise you and guarantee optimal use of our engine oils.

Services associés

CONDAT offers equipment suitable for facilitating implementation of our lubricants.