Pastas protectoras de cazos de colada y lingoteras

Pastas protectoras de cazos de colada y lingoteras
PROTECALU: protection pastes for ladles, casting channels, pyrometer tubes… in pressure casting, non-stick coating for the molten metal.
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Aluminium and its alloys have the property of adhering easily to metallic surfaces by diffusion into the metal, a phenomenon known as tinning. This property leads to formation of layers of aluminium on the surfaces in contact, detrimental to production operations.

On the ladles, clogging with aluminium deposits leads to dosing errors and casting faults, while on the casting channels the flow of the metal itself can be affected. This phenomenon is found above all in gravity casting, but also in pressure casting, squeeze casting.


PROTECALU MF is a non-stick coating  to avoid contact with molten metal and the ladles.

Applied to ladles, casting channels, pyrometer tubes, PROTECALU MF reduces clogging by aluminium deposits and thus avoids dosing errors and casting faults. It thus contributes to extending the lifetime of tools in contact with the molten metal.

Of a consistency similar to that of grease, Protecalu MF can be applied easily to the hot surface using a brush.


  • Without mineral oil
  • Without zinc
  • Without solvent

Product benefits

  • High thermal resistance
  • Good adherence to steel, cast iron
  • Extends the lifetime of your ladles