Retención – Almacenamiento

Retención - Almacenamiento
Retention equipment for your kegs, barrels and cubitainers, for more respect for the environment, health and industrial cleanliness


Concerned for the environment, health and cleanliness of its customers' industrial workshops, CONDAT provides a range of equipment for the retention of your kegs, barrels and cubitainers.

These allow you to keep your barrels, cubitainers and kegs in retention in complete safety (in accordance with the law on the environment of 2 February 1998) or to recondition them.



In case of environmental controls, your chemical and hydrocarbon products will be stored in accordance with the law.
According to your needs, a wide range of retention bins is available:

gamme de bacs de rétention

Our galvanised steel retention bins have strong fire resistance and their galvanisation reduces the risk of rusting.

They are made in France.

Product benefits

  • Control of oil leaks
  • Greater cleanliness and safety for personnel

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