Le 05/04/2024

Advanced lubrication solutions for electrical wire

Renowned for its expertise in steel wires and cables, CONDAT also offers innovative solutions tailored for electrical cable manufacturing. At WIRE Düsseldorf 2024, the company will showcase its latest range of lubricants specifically designed for non-ferrous electrical wire applications, including drawing, twisting, stranding, and compacting.


For aluminum wires

Condat has developed a complete range of lubricants tailored for aluminum wire, including neat oils, solubles, and cable protection greases.

For example, VICAFIL TFA 1460 is a premium quality neat oil that has demonstrated over the years superior resistance to oxidation, surpassing the standard offerings available in the market. This outstanding performance, obtained through the careful selection of high-performance additives, enables customers to significantly extend their oil bath lifetime.

Additionally, CONDAT’s solubles for aluminium wire can help you reduce your total production costs through reduced lubricant consumptions. Beyond cost savings, these solubles enhance machine cleanliness and decrease spool temperatures.

For copper wires

CONDAT’s copper wire lubricants range covers all operations including copper hot rolling, and copper drawing from rod breakdown to fine wire drawing. Choosing the right lubricant for copper drawing is a compromise to found between different parameters:

  • Enough Lubricity, to avoid wire breakage during the drawing operation
  • Good detergency, to maintain the machines clean
  • Low foaming, to avoid overflow and keep the machines clean
  • Lubricant stability to pH and conductivity variations, stability to micro-organisms, to increase bath lifetime
  • And of course, price

Thanks to our combined expertise in metal working and wire drawing, CONDAT sales team can assist you to improve your wire drawing process and manage your bath. In particular, by choosing micro-emulsion based technology solubles, such as versatile VICAFIL TCU 415 and TCU 215 N, you can extend your bath lifetime due to their stable and low foaming formulations.

If you’d like to know more, meet CONDAT experts at the WIRE Düsseldorf – Hall 10 Stand A56 or contact the CONDAT team.