Le 04/04/2024


For over 35 years, CONDAT has been a global leader in lubricants for tunnel underground construction, offering a renowned range tailored for TBM projects. CONDAT products, including Tail shield sealants, Main Bearing Sealing Products, Biodegradable and fire-resistant Hydraulic Fluids, Foaming agents and more, meet the highest technical, safety, and environmental standards.

With state-of-the-art facilities and local storage across 5 continents, including a zero atmospheric emission production unit* in China, CONDAT ensures swift delivery with reduced environmental impact. The company is committed to support its clients in achieving responsible performance. For TBM, CONDAT offers eco-designed lubricants rated through its self-scoring Lubriscore® and is the worldwide unique supplier to offer a complete range of biodegradable and self-extinguishing products.

* As low as reasonably achievable: All is captured, reprocessed, or retreated

CONDAT technical team is specifically dedicated to support you in the appropriate usage of these products on any type of TBM worldwide. Because each jobsite is different, CONDAT experts develop solutions answering your specific needs and guide you to the best lubrication strategy.


At WTC China 2024, booth A29, Hall 17, CONDAT will introduce brand-new solutions for TBM foam treatment and tail sealant.



A groundbreaking method for locally manufacturing your foam

PROFOAM is an innovative equipment allowing on-site formulation customization of foam treatment, catering to specific soil geologies or ground conditions, such as sticky or permeable ground.

This equipment not only facilitates significant cost savings but also guarantees minimal packaging usage, reduces storage space, and lowers transportation and environmental impact.

If you are looking to reduce your carbon footprint, visit CONDAT booth to get more details on this new equipment!



The next generation of Tail shield sealant

With the new sealant WR 89 LEAF, CONDAT offers enhanced performance and incorporates eco-friendly design principles, aligning with its commitment to sustainability.

Thanks to an innovative formulation, WR 89 LEAF ensures superior sealing capabilities and improved technical performances compared to current generation sealants:

  • Improved anti-wear protection to extend pump lifetime
  • Very high resistance to water wash-out and water ingress
  • Optimized consistency
  • Adapted rheology to offer a good pumpability
  • Improved fire resistance compared to traditional sealants

Additionally, WR 89 LEAF prioritizes eco-design, aiming to minimize the product’s ecological impact without compromising its exceptional performance. This development caters to the growing demand for sustainable solutions:

  • Biosourced and renewable raw materials
  • Low toxicity & ecotoxicity
  • Reduced carbon footprint

Overall, WR 89 LEAF represents a significant step forward in sealant technology, combining improved efficiency with eco-friendly design. By choosing this product, customers can now align with their sustainability goals while delivering outstanding performance to their TBMs jobsites, whatever the pressure of ground treatment. WR 89 LEAF can be applied on the entire project or only on sensitive areas, such as close to water sources, beneath rivers, or within natural parks.

Founded in 1854, French company CONDAT also proudly celebrates its 170th anniversary in 2024. Its longevity is based on strong, embodied and enduring values, as evidenced by their historic value of ‘Build to last’. Over the decades, CONDAT has demonstrated its ability to adapt and reinvent itself, while building on solid expertise. This empowered CONDAT to tackle technical and societal challenges, to innovate and to achieve a sustainable strategy. As proof, the company has been awarded the Platinum medal by Ecovadis for its CSR approach, which places the company in the top 1% of the best rated companies in the world.

Rely on CONDAT lubricants, honed through 170 years of pioneering expertise in your TBM process technology and meet CONDAT lubricant tunneling experts at WTC China Hall 17, stand A29 or on www.condat.fr.