Le 16/01/2018

Clean wires with CONDAT wet drawing lubricants

With worldwide recognition for its wire drawing dry lubricant range, CONDAT is always seeking to improve its lubricants, whether to increase its customers’ productivity or to optimize sustainability of its products. At Wire Düsseldorf 2018, the company will present its brand-new range of soluble oils that have been reformulated to meet the latest wet drawing requirements.

VICAFIL SL Range : Soluble oils for wet drawing

When it comes to wet wire drawing, the main issue is linked to the cleanliness of the wire. Some wire drawing products may leave residues that will affect quality of the wire or make subsequent plating steps more difficult. Operations to degrease the wires may therefore be necessary and imply extra production costs.

To meet this major constraint, CONDAT’s R&D laboratory has optimized its soluble lubricant (VICAFIL SL) range. These water-soluble lubricants provide a high level of lubrication, even on the most demanding applications such as saw wire or welding wire. Versatile, they can be used for drawing low or high carbon steels with various surface preparations from bare wire, predrawn wire, acid picked & phosphate coated wire or galvanized wire. Above all, they ensure a clean surface finish.

The formulation of VICAFIL SL lubricants has been reinforced to form a stable emulsion. Enhanced with biocide and antifoam additives, they give a long bath life. Anticorrosion and anti-wear properties complete these high performing solutions to produce high quality finished products.

VICAFIL SL lubricants are also easier to emulsify, producing a solution that is simple to monitor. VICAFIL SL soluble lubricants are ergonomic, long lasting and easy to put in solution.

Want to improve the productivity of your wet drawing process? Try the new VICAFIL SL soluble lubricant range. To know more, meet CONDAT at Hall 10 Stand A52 or contact the CONDAT team at wire@condat.fr.