Le 12/04/2017


Improve your heading process!

Among a wide range of lubricants dedicated to the requirements of Cold Heading Machinery, discover CONDAT new solutions to provide high duty lubrication with optimum safety and budget.

The weight reduction in automotive and aeronautic markets have pushed the fastening industry to use new materials. Titanium, Inconel, stainless and high strength steel are now commonly used but their forming properties are weak. To reach high productivity, it is necessary to warm the wire before the heading process from 250°C up to 900°C.

For technical parts, with forming ratio higher than 70% and massive parts with wire diameter bigger than 20 mm, the internal temperature can easily reach 250°C due to significant material flow.

In both cases, the lubricants must be designed to work at very high temperature. From 250°C to 900°C,  CONDAT offers solutions to improve your process:

For Temperature until 250°C

EXTRUGLISS Warm Green oils avoid degreasing issues due to sticky and burned residues which occurred at such temperature. This range, based on renewable chemistry, can be used also for lubrication of your press.

For preheated wire until 500°C

EXTRUDEX warm forming lubricants benefit from high thermal stability which enhance lubricity performances. Friendly for operators and safe for the workshop environment as they reduce smokes and mist.

For preheated wire until 900°C

EXTRUDEX hot forming oils are specifically designed for aerospace market to work on titanium and nickel alloys. They allow a homogeneous coating on the parts for optimum surface finish and no deposits on dies and punch. These safe lubricants present a very high flash point to reduce the risk of fire.

For lubrication of the cold forming machinery

GLISS Warm Green lubricants are specifically formulated to reduce cross contamination issues and keep the long term performances of CONDAT’s heading oils. Available now from 68 to 220 cst viscosity.