Dam/lock chain oils

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Synthetic biodegradable lubricants intended for lock chains: resistance to wash-out and extreme pressures
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Did you know? 1L of mineral oil can pollute up to 1 million litres of water!

Because protection of the environment is a subject that is particularly dear to us, the Research and Development teams at CONDAT have developed very high-performance biodegradable oils to lubricate lock chains, in particular  CHAIN OIL ECL 46.

Used in conjunction with the CONDAT micro-sprayerCHAIN OIL ECL 46 migrates to the heart of the chain links to ensure their perfect lubrication. It protects dam and lock chains against rust and corrosion while optimising lubrication. Furthermore, micro-spraying allows you to strongly limit consumption.

In addition, CONDAT offers biodegradable hydraulic oils: the ranges BIO NATUR HYDROSTAR and BIO NATUR HYDROLABEL.



  • Anti-wear and extreme pressure resistance
  • Resistance to wash-out and de-watering: no more oil streaks around locks in rivers!

Product benefits

  • Oils co-designed with various partners
  • A “product + application equipment” combination developed specifically for lock chains
  • Anti-corrosion and anti-rust protection of chains
  • Biodegradable oils classified as non-hazardous for the environment

Associated services

CONDAT supplies oils that are suitable for your chain applications and also, when operating under high loads and in difficult conditions, offers:

In parallel, discover our range of biodegradable oils combining performance with respect for the environment.