Aceites de transmisión UTTO

Aceites de transmisión UTTO
A complete range of UTTO maintenance oils to lubricate your mechanical transmissions with wet brakes, hydraulics systems, limited-slip axles.
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For your issues with lubrication of mechanical transmissions, lubrication of wet brakes, hydraulics systems or limited-slip axles, CONDAT offers a range of oils meeting your technical needs and those of your equipment, the POLYTRANS range.

The choice of oil technology

CONDAT offers lubricants:

  • with mineral technology
  • with synthetic technology


The POLYTRANS or MONOCAT ranges of lubricants for mechanical transmissions, wet brakes and gear boxes and axles cover the needs in terms of viscosity grades:

  • wet brake mechanical transmission and hydraulics systems oils for Caterpillar machines of grades SAE 10W, SAE 30 or SAE 50
  • oils for limited-slip axles of viscosities 80W90 and 75W140
  • oils for wet brake transmissions of grade SAE 10W30/80W, of grade HV 68 for hydraulic usage, or API GL4 for gear usage

Products in the MONOCAT and POLYTRANS ranges meet the most recent constructors' recommendations:

  • FORD,
  • VOLVO,
  • ...

Technical assistance

The choice of a transmission oil may seem trivial, but the wrong choice can have severe repercussions for the transmissions, gear boxes or axles of your rolling stock! To optimise the performance of your transmissions, increase the service life of your lubricant or prolong the lifetime of your engine, CONDAT can assist you.

A team of technical engineers can advise you in the choice of the most suitable lubricant for mechanical transmissions, wet brakes or limited-slip axles, in its implementation (oil change, oil maintenance, etc.) as well as in its daily use.

Our technical experts are available to advise you and guarantee optimal use of our CONDAT oils.