Distribución de aceite

Distribución de aceite
Range of equipment for pneumatic pumping and feeding, distribution, filling for oils in tanker, tank, cubitainer, barrel and keg



CONDAT offers EQUIPMENT COMPLIANT WITH EC STANDARDS for the  manual or pneumatic distribution of OILS.

CONDAT also supplies all industrial sectors requiring pumping, distribution, feeding or filling of equipment in maintenance or production workshops. For added respect for the environment, all our guns are fitted with an anti-drip system for clean and precise filling.

Pneumatic energy

Why choose a pneumatic pump?

Compressed air is the best source of energy because it allows the pump to start/stop automatically according to the pressure in the distribution network.

On pulling the trigger, the pressure in the network goes down, the pump starts automatically and the grease flows. On releasing the trigger, the grease stops flowing and pressure is restored to the distribution network.

Manual or electric energy

Why choose a manual or electric pump?

According to the application and in case of absence of compressed air, PUMPING – FILLING and DISTRIBUTION of greases can also be done MANUALLY.

Range of equipment