Fuentes de limpieza

Fuentes de limpieza
CONDAT offers revolutionary biological fountains, or solvent-based, electrical or pneumatic, according to your cleaning needs and expectations.


Biological fountain and degreaser

The synergy between a non-toxic, non-flammable cleaning solution and micro-organism tablets. Biodegraded soils and a continuously regenerated cleaning bath. It's the ideal, high-performance, cost-effective solution for all professionals concerned about protecting their health and the environment. The biological fountain works with a cleaning solution (pH neutral, regulated at 38°) and micro-organism tablets. This process guarantees effective cleaning and continuous regeneration of the solution. With your biological fountain, you can reduce your consumption, maintenance and waste.


  • Fountain dimensions : 905 × 650 × 1110 mm (hood closed)
  • Cleaning space dimensions 790 × 420 × 180 mm
  • Empty weight 40 kg
  • Tank volume 100 L
  • Soaking capacity 31 L / 790 × 420 × 90 mm
  • Pump capacity 1140 L/h
  • Heating power 1 kW
  • Electricity consumption 4.3 kWh/d
  • Payload 100 kg
  • Nominal temperature 38 °C and 43 °C in Boost mode
  • Material PE
  • Tools Interchangeable brush
  • Filtration Basket filter 700 μm + cartridge filter 100 μm
  • Power supply 230 V≈

Product benefits

  • Solvent-free
  • Trempage zone: allows cleaning in hidden time.
  • BOOST mode: increases bath temperature to 43°C and improves cleaning efficiency.
  • CAP Limits solution evaporation.
  • Simplified maintenance: electromechanical housing interchangeable without tools.
  • ECO mode: lowers bath temperature to reduce power consumption (20%).
  • Drain valves: simplifies maintenance and handling.
  • Clear accessible operating instructions.
  • Cleaning space
  • Ergonomic

Other fountains

Solvent-based fountain

  • Degreasing fountain with a self-priming electric or pneumatic geared pump
  • Powered by 230 V or dry compressed air at around 6 bar, according to your available energy sources.
  • Optional shelf for parts










Mobile organic fountain

The multi-purpose mobile fountain is low-pressure, mobile, heated and perfectly ergonomic.


Other equipment