Dispensador automático de grasa MONOPOINT

Dispensador automático de grasa MONOPOINT
Single-point automatic grease dispenser, MONOPOINT greasing systems: COMPLIANT WITH EC STANDARDS for pumping, distribution, feeding and filling.


A large number of patented products are used throughout the world and in numerous industrial sectors. Each application field has its own appropriate lubrication system. The automotive, civil works and cement sectors make greater use of automatic lubrication systems.

CONDALUBE FLEX is a compact ready-to-use lubrication system in the form of a complete unit. It is suited to the widest range of applications, from -20°C to +60°C. The distribution period can be set between 1 and 12 months.

The required pressure is provided by an electronically controlled chemical reaction, ensuring continuous feed of fresh lubricant to the greasing point during the selected distribution period. CONDALUBE FLEX is available in 125 ml.

Standard range of MONOPOINT CONDALUBE FLEX automatic grease dispensers:

  • CONDALUBE FLEX => Standard greasing with MULTISERVICE EP2 grease
  • CONDALUBE FLEX ALIM => FOOD grade greasing with H1 certified grease
  • CONDALUBE FLEX BIO => Greasing for NATURAL environments with BIODEGRADABLE grease certified OECD 301 B



Caractéristique graisseur automatique Monopoint


CONDAT has a Product and Equipment Technical Service  that can support you in the study and performance of your greasing plans, including single- and multi-point grease dispensers.

Product benefits

  • Distribution period by rotary selector from 1 to 12 months
  • Deactivation of lubrication for long stoppages
  • Better value for money

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