Automatic spraying - Granulates and waxes

Fumigación automática - Granulados y ceras
Reliable and robust CONDAT solution for automatic lubrication with oils, with or without graphite, granulates, waxes and others.
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2000 dispenser

A lubrication system specially suited to foundry pistons. Reliable and robust, this automatic spraying system is intended for oils, with or without graphite, granulates or waxes. The dosing system comprises a wax storage tank as well as an electro-pneumatic unit to allow injection of beads. Injection is controlled by the press.

Product benefits

Easy implementation and setting of the machine.


  • Tank volume: 6 litres
  • Controlling signal 24 Volt DC for 4-5 s
  • Compressed air network pressure Min. 4 Bar - max. 8 Bar
  • Dimensions H = 500mm L= 500 mm W= 200 mm
  • Weight 15 kg

The standard equipment is for operation with beads of 0.5 to 1mm diameter.


  • Dosing unit for 3 to 5 mm beads
  • Mobile bead-injection arm

Other equipment